Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Delta Snow Goose Quilt Show and Classes

Snow Goose Quilt Show & Classes 
Save the date:  Feb. 2021 - TBA

A BIG thank you to all of 
you wonderful ladies that came and

Guest teachers and presenters:

Shannon White
"Instructor and Girls Night Out"

Shannon is addicted to needle and thread and pretty fabric. 
She is known for her wonderful quilting and sewing skills.
Plus, she's a familiar face at Corn Wagon Quilt Company 
and has recently opened the Mercantile, 
with the most wonderful collection of goodies.

Suzanne Jackman
Instructor and Lunchtime Presentor

"The Story Behind the Quilt"

Suzane's Quilts have been featured 
on Moda Bake Shop! 
"Pattern Designer and Quilter" 
She loves clean, modern designs with a traditional block feel.
  Suzanne has been quilting for over fifteen years 
and designing her own patterns for over three years
and loving every part of the process!

Charlene Russell

"Quilting friendships are true friendships, they buoy me up in times
 of sorrow and are there to laugh with as we sew away together".

Charlene literally found a love for quilting at a very young age. 
 At the early age of four she would sit and watch her Mother piece quilts 
from old clothes and gifted fabrics. For Charlene, quilting has been 
an avenue for creativity and a wonderful opportunity
 to meet and create some wonderful friendships.  

Charlene is another familiar face at Corn Wagon Quilt Company 
in Springville, UT.

Come and enjoy our classes, Girls Night Out, Friday &
Saturday's catered lunch, Trunk show, demos, door prizes and open sew!